Parent’s Role in Baseball

What’s the parent’s role when it comes to baseball games? Now, before I jump into this topic, let me make one thing clear, parents love their kids and always are trying to do what is best for them. If one does not believe that I believe this, nothing can be accomplished in this edition.

One lesson that I learned from a fantastic coach is this: “players play, coaches coach, parents cheer.”

Baseball inherently is a frustrating game and one thing that is always true is that kids ALWAYS know where their parents are. They will always look to their parents for reactions out of habit. Kids know when they do something wrong in baseball and do not need their parents showing disgust with their level of play. It does not make them better; it actually makes them more tentative and ultimately leads to them playing worse. Something as small as a smile and an “it’s alright!” can go a long way in helping the child work through their issue as opposed to being stopped by it.

Baseball is a team sport but it is incredibly individualized because the ball comes to them and they have to make a play, or they make a pitch, hit a ball, run the bases etc. All eyes are on them when the ball comes their way or when they step in the batter’s box. Do your kids a favor and encourage them when they make a mistake in baseball…they aren’t trying to make a mistake…they are kids. If we agree with the fact that it is the parents job to cheer during the game, then leave it to the coach to work on helping the child in that moment. The parent can work to help correct after the game but the child needs the parents’ support and encouragement to help them through the struggles of baseball. If you go 3 for 10 at the plate, you are considered great…only one time has one player gone 4 for 10 on a season.

It is the parent’s job to cheer in baseball…nothing more…nothing less. Baseball is a GAME.

Stay tuned for next time when I discuss how parents should treat coaches.

In baseball,

Trey Frahler
Director of Operations
Illinois Baseball Academy