By Coach Chris Beacom, M. Ed.

As Illinois Baseball Academy continues to grow, the concept of teamwork has become even more of an everyday focus. Whether posting on Facebook, training coaches for the next clinic, or responding to email requests about an upcoming summer league, all of our “players” must work tirelessly to execute our goal of sharing baseball the right way.

On the athletic field, in the classroom, and at home … in each situation we all play a role in creating a winning environment. When “players” know what’s expected of them, and they are inspired to work collectively, amazing things can happen.

A winning team, a thriving classroom, and a happy home are the byproduct of children who have been taught to place the needs of others in front of their own. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to create such an environment. That doesn’t mean, however, it isn’t worth pursuing. Quite the contrary. There are days when my wife and I fail, and there are days when we succeed.

We believe that the more accustomed our children become to operating within a collaborative framework, the happier and more connected they will be as they progress through life. So, let’s commit to valuing self-sacrifice and commitment to a shared goal … teamwork in all areas of life makes for greater and more fulfilling successes because it is shared with family, friends and one’s community.