By Coach Chris Beacom, M. Ed.

I was terrible at math, and the older I got, the more difficult the subject became.  Memorizing formulae and slaving my way through problem sets … it just did not come easy for me.  However, I knew I had to “get through” math somehow in order to graduate.  So, I had to adopt a CAN DO attitude; I had to figure out a way to get the work done and learn the material.

Only one way, right?  I had to Persevere.  There were plenty of nights when I stayed up later than I would have liked to prepare for a test or quiz … or simply to get my homework done.  Each of has our personal Achilles Heel, a weakness that begs us to either toughen up and overcome or fold like a stadium seat.  The choice is up to us.

Rarely, do our children come to this world with the gift of a Persevering attitude.  Instead, most of them need to be educated on how to plan and work through difficulties.  As parents, we teach Perseverance, most convincingly, when we model it for our kids.  Yes, we can and should discuss this positive character trait with our kids, but it’s when our children see us sacrifice and work through things that cause us problems that they can more fully appreciate the value of digging in and never giving up.

For me, it comes back to simple math:

A solid plan + a Persevering attitude = Success

How about you?