Pitching Styles

I’d like to bring present evidence to the jury…there is NOT ONE RIGHT WAY TO PITCH.

While there are certainly are some “musts” that all pitchers should do, there is not one right way to pitch. My first piece of evidence would be Major League Baseball…take a look at each pitcher, no one throws the exact same way. All pitching coaches have their certain philosophies about what is right and wrong; I would argue that everyone has something right. Some things work for certain guys, and others need other things. The following webpage is a perfect explanation of this point. CLICK HERE!

What is one mechanic that is a “must”? Drive your front hip to your target when you throw. It keeps your body in line with your target and puts less pressure on your arm. Try it yourself…take your hip, throw it in one direction and see where your body takes you…now drive it towards your target and see how you stay in line and feel like you get more out of your lower half.

Stay tuned next time when I will write about coaching styles and how it impacts our kids on a grander scale outside of just baseball!

In baseball,

Trey Frahler
Director of Operations
Illinois Baseball Academy