By Coach Chris Beacom, M. Ed.

I was giving my hitting clinic last Sunday … working with one hitter in particular on his balance. I commented to him that when he is “out of balance” the likelihood for his squaring up the ball and hitting it successfully is pretty remote. In short, being “out of balance” as a hitter makes things more difficult.

I started to think about the concept of Balance as it applies to life in general and came to the same conclusion. Put positively … when we are “in balance” things just flow better. However, when we don’t eat right, sleep enough, exercise regularly and combine challenging work with rewarding relationships the train tends to run off the rails. We are “out of balance.”

As role models for our children, it’s important that we try and maintain Balance in our everyday lives. Sometimes a simple check-in will alert us to the fact that we are drifting towards a state of imbalance. Feeling tired, anxious, frazzled? All are indicators that something is off. Be aware and take time to make some changes.

Not only will this make a difference in your life, but you will also be setting a positive example for your children who can learn the value of self-awareness and leading a life of “Balance.”