Current Programs

Catching Clinics – Starting Soon!


T.J. O’Donnell, former New Trier and Augustana College starting catcher will lead these sessions.  This unique two-week program at The Yard is a great way for beginners to be introduced to the fundamentals and for seasoned catchers to hone their skills.    Separate sessions will bill be held for 3rd – 4th graders, 5th – 6th graders, 7th and 8th graders, and High School players. Sessions will be held on Saturdays, April 26th and May 4th.  Each session will be limited to four players.   Instruction will be very personalized and intense.  Learn More below for specific times and costs.

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  • Two-Week Program on Saturdays
  • Catching instruction from the best!
  • Intense and personalized, grouped by age

Conditioning Program


Conditioning at The Yard is Powered by Progressive Sports Performance.  This four-week program directed by Erv Domanski, co-owner of Progressive Sports Performance, will focus on conditioning for baseball players, but is appropriate for all athletes.  Sections will be limited to 18 participants.

Section A will consist of eight one-hour sessions for 3rd through 6th graders and be held on Thursdays at 4 PM and Sundays at 3 PM, starting Thursday, May 1.

Section B will consist of eight one-hour sessions for 7th graders through High School and will be held on Thursdays at 5 PM and Sundays at 4 PM, starting May 1.



  • Four-week program on Thursdays and Sundays
  • Participants grouped by age

Summer Camp Registration – NOW OPEN!

108IBA’s yearly park district summer camps are now open for registration for ages 3-12 years old. These camps range from introductory programs, to more advanced, to baseball/basketball combination with John Karzen at North Shore Racquet Club. Learn more about John Karzen HERE. SIGN UP TODAY!


  • Week-Long Summer Camps from 9am-12pm
  • Offered at Various Convenient Locations
  • Various Formats and FUN!

Lafo Spring to Summer Hitting Camp!

HitMatt LaFontaine, Senior New Trier Pony Coach will lead these sessions.  This four week, eight-session program at The Yard, is targeted to players that want to get better and tweak their swings during the spring season.
The camp is open to players from 5th grade and up and is limited to 12 participants.    


  • Four-Week Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Senior New Trier Pony Coach Matt LaFontaine!
  • Tune that swing for the summer season

How We Teach

Professional Staff

IBA instructors are developed and directed by Chris Beacom, founder of IBA and former professional baseball player. IBA offers the best staff in the area which consists of current high school and college coaches who played college baseball and are assisted by current college and local high school players.

Chris Beacom has a baseball pedigree and reputation unmatched in the area.  Chris firmly believes that the best coaches lead to the best product. An advanced understanding of baseball coupled with rigorous training on how to teach it to all levels ensures that no matter what a player’s age or skill, IBA has just the right staff to help develop your player.

Age appropriate Instruction

IBA believes that baseball instruction, like classroom instruction, is only helpful if it is age appropriate.  With that in mind, we tailor our lessons, camps and clinics to meet this criteria for players.

The cornerstone of all IBA programming is the blend between baseball instruction and life lessons.  We are committed to making the game accessible and fun for players of all ages and ability levels.  We tailor our lessons and approach in a manner that reflects these differences. At all levels, in a targeted manner, our method considers the social emotional composition, character, and physical development of each player.  Please click on the links below to see how we train  athletes at different stages of their development!



What They’re Saying About Illinois Baseball Academy

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“I appreciate what IBA is doing.  Teaching kids about respect, teamwork, hustle and other life skills … that’s important.  Kids need that.”

Ryan Dempster,
Major League Pitcher

Where We Teach

Indoor Facilities

IBA owns and operates The Yard, a 5,000 sq ft facility located in Northfield.  IBA also manages The Dome, a 140,000 square foot INDOOR facility – the only one of its kind in the entire midwest – located in Rosemont.

The Yard was developed in coordination with local Community Baseball Associations (GBA, GYB, KWBA, NTTP, and WBA) to provide for their fall, winter and spring baseball programming needs. The space is configured to enable private lessons, team practices, and clinics covering pitching, hitting, catching and fielding.  The Yard is also able to host birthday parties – a BIG HIT!

The Dome is owned and operated by the Village of Rosemont.  It is home to tournaments, leagues and individual games for youth baseball (up to U12, up to U14 with wooden bats) and softball as well as adult softball teams.  It is also suitable for practices for high school baseball teams.  There are TWO diamonds with outfield fences (235′ to center field), concessions and a complete and separate training area.  The Dome also is able to offer birthday parties.

Park Districts

IBA provides a variety of programming at local park districts including Glencoe Park District, Glenview Park District, Wilmette Park District, and the Winnetka Community House.

An important aspect of Illinois Baseball Academy’s mission is to partner with local park districts to offer a wide variety of programming such as daytime programming, Spring T-Ball leagues, and summer camps! Head to your local park district’s website to see what offerings we have!

What They’re Saying About Illinois Baseball Academy


The Yard is great for community baseball.  My sons both played in the community and I’m happy that House League and Travel players will have a place like this at their disposal.”

Mike Napoleon,
Head Varsity Baseball Coach
New Trier High School

Why We Teach

Supporting Community

IBA believes that Community and Communities are things built by participation.  IBA is community based, focused and driven.  We work hand-in-hand, as partners, with Community Baseball Associations (CBAs), Park Districts and fully support community-based baseball programming.  We also support community-based businesses that help us to create the most positive experience.

Our partnerships with local CBAs are a major point of difference from other area baseball training operations.  We do not, and will not, compete directly with CBAs as do virtually all of our competitors – who field their own teams – taking players directly out of community programs.  We purchase our equipment and service events such as Open Houses and birthdays through Community-based businesses.  We also connect with the broader community through our active role with Cubs Charities. Click on the links below to learn more about:

Player and Character Development

IBA is committed to developing the “whole player.”  IBA emphasizes character development with players at the younger levels to build a foundation upon which to layer advanced baseball skills as players get older and progress.

IBA understands that at all levels of baseball, certain life skills can be taught directly or indirectly. Players as young as 3 years old all the way up through professional levels are learning how to deal with mom, dad, classmates, teachers, coaches, a boss, and/or society as a whole. As we begin to train young players, we place a heavy emphasis on our “Word of the Day” and life lessons; as players develop and get older, advanced baseball skills become the major focus – as well as teaching ways to deal with adversity.

What They’re Saying About Illinois Baseball Academy


“Baseball brings kids together, and I know Illinois Baseball Academy is committed to what’s best for kids; Chris’ approach to teaching proper fundamentals and instilling the right values in kids is second to none. IBA is a true asset to community baseball.”

Luke Gregerson,
Oakland Athletics

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